Video – Nina Tarasova – Pastry Art Chef


Master-class in Xiamen, China at Gao Mao Zi School


Master-class in Sofia, Bulgaria


Nina Tarasova in Bangkok, Thailand


Brownie recipe (On Russian)


Tartlets with nuts and caramel (On Russian)


Mexican wedding cookie  (Recipe on Russian)


Gougeres (French recipe on Russian)


The Viennese strudel 


Master-class in Vladivostok


Master-class in Bucharest, Romania


Мастер-класс в Болгарии, г. София


Master-class in Bulgaria, Sofia


Master-class in China, at Gao Mao Zi school



TV show “Fazenda”, entremet “5 spices”


Author’s master-class in Vladivostok



Master class in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Master Class and interview in India, Lavonne school



Master-class in Kiev



TV show “Vkusno 360”


Author’s master-class by Chef Nina Tarasova in Tallinn


Master-class in Riga, Latvia

Master-class in Almaty, Kazakhstan at Compote Studio

Three master-classes in Almaty, Kazakhstan at Compote Studio

Master-class Escola at Confeitaria Diego Lozano – São Paulo, Brazil 


Master-class in Moscow at Chocolate Academy Cacao Barry

Culinary show about Brazilian food

Double master-class with French Patissier Nicolas Pierot at Vip-masters, Moscow

Culinary show about Brazilian food