Мастер-класс в г. Сямэн, Китай

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И конце мая 2017 года состоялся пятидневный практический мастер-класс в г. Сямэнь, Китай в школе Gao Mao Zi.

Программа курса:

  • Entremet «Flora». Composition: crunchy base; yoghurt-laim cream; basil jelly; mousse with creen apple and lime.
  • Entremet «Wreath». Composition: biscuit with red berries; reconstructed shtreyzel; compote with red berries; mousse with red berries; mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Individual cake «Snowy strawberry». Composition: berry biscuit; jelly with balsamic vinegar and strawberries; Light strawberry cream; almond mousse; strawberry jelly.
  • Individual cake «Little lemon». Composition: lemon cream; light lemon mousse; special crunchy base; lemon jel.
  • Entremet “Ceris”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake flourless; praline with milk chocolate, tonka bean and feuilletine; thin layer of dark chocolate and «fleur de sel»; sour cherry jelly; chocolate mousse with tonka bean.
  • Entreme «Chocolate bavarois». Composition: chocolate crumble; chocolate sponge cake; exotic cream; chocolate cream with milk and dark chocolate; chocolate mousse «bavarois»; mirror chocolate glacage.
  • Cake «Caramelio». Composition: hazelnut sponge cake praline; caramel mousse with chicory; passion fruit jelly. Decoration: caramel glaze; chocolate, passion fruit jelly, caramel and guimauve.
  • Green Apple Opera Cake. Composition: sponge cake with tea matcha and apple chips; baked apple mousse with lemongrass; jelly with green apple, passion fruit and tea matcha.
  • Entremet «Velute». Composition: chocolate-banana sponge cake; cremeux with milk chocolate; banana confit with passion fruit; pate choux with whipped milk chocolate ganache.
  • Individual cake «Hypnosis». Composition: pate sable; japanese sponge cake; raspberry, chocolate and thyme ganache; lemon cream; passion fruit-mango mousse.
  • Raspberry roll. Composition: japanese sponge cake; raspberry-passion fruit jelly; light cream with passion fruit.
  • Individual cake «Passionata». Composition: chocolate sponge cake; ganache with passion fruit; marmalade with mango and passion fruit; chocolate mirror glasage; chocolate whipped cream and jasmine tea truffles for decoration.
  • Tart “Pina Colada”. Composition: pate sable; crème frangipane; lime cremeux ; coconut mousse ; vanilla and lime pineapples.
  • Tart «THE LION KING». Composition: almond pate sablee; orange-spices pastry cream; baked Pineapple with banana-caramel-spices sause; exotic macarons (mango, carrot, orange, spices).
  • «Lemon tartlets». Composition: lemon pate sablee; lemon sponge cake; lemon-lime backed cream; lemon-lime curd; italian merengue and white chocolate for decoration.
  • Tart with cinnamon and cherry. Comnposition: pate Linzer; cherry flan; cinnamon crumble; fresh berries; macarons.
  • Caramel tea cake.
  • Chocolate-raspberry tea cake.
  • Very special version of Galette des Rois — Russian east dough (proofing for this dough at the cold water) and pistachio creme frangipane.
  • Chocolate bonbons “Lemon”
  • Chocolate bonbons raspberry-dark chocolate