Практический мастер-класс в Софии, Болгарии


В апреле 2017 года состоялся практический трехдневный  мастер-класс в г. Софии, Болгарии.

Программа курса:

  • Entremet «Drunk apple». Composition: almond sponge cake «daquoise»; pate praline; panna cotta; creme praline with calvados; pastry cream praline with milk chocolate; apple «ministrone» with calvados for decoration.
  • Entremet «Charlotte aux poires». Composition: «lady finger» sponge cake; pear bavaroise; pears in syrup.
  • Russian classic «Honey Cake» with modern style. Composition: Croquant almonds and honey; special biscuit Medovic;  honey Cremeux; Light vanilla mousse; glacage, whipped ganache and microwave sponge cake for decorations.
  • Entremet «Mougins». Composition: caramelized sponge cake with baked white chocolate; dark chocolate mousse with 5 spices; caramelized white chocolate mousse and lemon; persimmon jelly with ginger.
  • Entremet «Velute». Composition: chocolate-banana sponge cake; cremeux with milk chocolate; banana confit with passion fruit; pate choux with whipped milk chocolate ganache.
  • Entremen «Moonlight Sonata». Composition: «red velvet» sponge cake; cherry confit with tonka bean; lemon-lime mousse with white chocolate. Chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake «Lord Vanilla». Composition: vanilla chiffon sponge cake; vanilla cream-brulee; vanilla mousse with mascarpone; cherry jelly.
  • Individual cake «Sunshine». Composition: lemon sponge cake; pear with caramel; mousse with sea buckthorn.
  • Individual cake «V». Composition: orange chiffon sponge cake; limon-lime-rosemary-pink pepper confit; yoghurt mousse with cream-cheese.
  • Tea cake with spicy pears
  • Chocolate tea cake with caramelized banana
  • Caramel tea cake with soft caramel filling

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