Мастер-класс в г. Шарджа, Эмираты


В марте 2018 года состоялся трехдневный мастер-класс в города Шаржа, Эмиратах.

Программа курса:

    • Entremet «Dream Catcher». Composition: chocolate sponge cake «Davil’s food cake», light coconut mousse with litchi; dark chocolate mousse; cremeux raspberry and litchi. Mirror glasage and chocolate decoration.
    • Entremet «Toile d’araignee». Composition: base with reconstructed linzer pate sablee; almond-lemon sponge cake; sea buckthorn mousse; caramelized pear jelly.
    • Entremet «Black forest». Composition: chocolate sponge cake «pain de genes»; chocolate crumble; cherry jelly «griotte»; coconut sponge cake with tonka bean; whipped mascarpone ganache with vanilla.
    • Individual cake «Rose». Composition: yoghurt sponge cake with passion fruit; yoghurt mousse with vanilla; confit with raspberry, passion fruit and rose.
    • Individual cake «Ostara». Composition: sponge cake with dry apricots; melon-calamansi-curry cream; beetroot mousse with red currants and white chocolate Zephyr Cacao Barry.
    • Individual cake «Sunflower». Composition: orange sponge cake with vanilla; orange panna-cotta; bolo de rolo with passion fruit, lime and lemon; mango mousse.
    • «Tarte au citron revisitee»: lemon pate sablee; lemon sponge cake; lemon-lime backed cream; lemon-lime curd; italian merengue and white chocolate for decoration.
    • Chocolate-caramel tea cake with soft chocolate caramel
    • Lime-basil tart with the strawberries. Composition: Almont pate-sablee; Basil cream; Strawberries.
  • Tart with macadamia and roasted mango. Composition: hazelnut pate sablee; baked macadamia cream; roasted mango; ginger cremeux; mousse with milk chocolate and mango.