Мастер-класс в Сеуле, Южной Корее


В октябре 2017 года состоялся 3х дневный практический мастер-класс в Южной Корее, Сеуле.

Программа курса:

  • Entremet «Wreath». Composition: biscuit with red berries; reconstructed shtreyzel; compote with red berries; mousse with red berries; mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Entremet «Moonlight Sonata». Composition: «red velvet» sponge cake; cherry confit with tonka bean; lemon-lime mousse with white chocolate. Chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet «Latona». Composition: almond crunch; almond daquoise sponge cake; almond «supreme»; apricot marmalade; jelly with passion fruit, pieces of apricot and mimosa aroma. Chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake «Sacher» modern. Composition: Sacher sponge cake; ganache with dark chocolate and passion fruit; apricote compote; chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake «Apricot and praline». Composition: apricot sponge cake; crunchy apricot praline; apricot jelly; cream-cheese; glacage gianduja.
  • Individual cake «Green pearl». Composition: chocolate pate sablee; flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate praline; matcha creme brulee; orange marmalade with calamansi; dark chocolate mousse; glacage.
  • Cake «Caramel maelstrom». Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; Nut-orange streusel; Orange cream; Caramel paste; Caramel cream with spices; Caramel mousse; glacage and spicy cookies for decoration.
  • Individual cake «Little lemon». Composition: lemon cream; light lemon mousse; special crunchy base; lemon jel.
  • Raspberry roll. Composition: japanese sponge cake; raspberry-passion fruit jelly; light cream with passion fruit.
  • «Linzer» tart with raspberry in the miniature.
  • Tart with cinnamon and cherry. Composition: pate Linzer; cherry flan; cinnamon crumble; fresh berries; macarons.
  • Citrus tart with whipped ganache. Composition: Citrus streuzel, coconut dacquoise, white chocolate lemon whipped Ganache, citrus jelly, white chocolate decoration.

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