Четырехдневный мастер-класс в Бухаресте, Румынии


 В октябре 2017 был четырехдневный практический мастер-класс в Бухаресте, Румынии.

Программа курса:

  • Entremet «Dreadnought». Composition: lemon-poppy seeds sponge cake «Pain de genes»; mango mousse; lemon mousse. For decorations — chocolate hemisphere with lime gel.
  • Entremet «Nutcracker». Composition: sable breton cacao; flourless sponge cake; soft caramel with mix of nuts; chocolate praline mousse.
  • Opera «Orange-basil». Composition: orange-basil pate sablee; sponge cake «Joconde» with «bergamot» butter; citrus butter cream; orange-basil syrup; lime-basil ganache; neutral glacage with basil.
  • Entremet «Flora». Composition: crunchy base; yoghurt-lime cream; basil jelly; mousse with green apple and lime.
  • Entremet «Jurate». Composition: reconstituted pate sablee with white chocolate; sponge cake with champagne and sea buchtorn; cream cheese «cream brulee»; compote with sea buckthorn, tangerine and cape gooseberry; mousse cheesecake. For decoration: chocolate elements and caviar from exotic-citrus compote.
  • Individual cake «Apricot and praline». Composition: apricot sponge cake; crunchy apricot praline; apricot jelly; cream-cheese; glasage gianduja.
  • Individual cake «Green pearl». Composition: chocolate pate sablee; flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate praline; matcha creme brulee; orange marmalade with calamansi; dark chocolate mousse; glacage.
  • Honey Individual cake “Cubes”. Composition: Croquant almonds and honey, caramelized-honed sponge cake; soft honey caramel; vanilla-honey cremeux, white chocolate mirror glaze.
  • Individual cake «Les Temp de ceris». Composition: almond crunch; almond daquoise; sour cherry coulis; almond bavaroise.
  • Individual cake «Violet». Composition: pistachio sponge cake; blackberry jelly; violet mousse with raspberry; mirror glacage and chocolate decoration.
  • Cake «Caramel maelstrom». Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; Nut-orange streusel; Orange cream; Caramel paste; Caramel cream with spices; Caramel mousse; glacage and spicy cookies for decoration.
  • Individual cake «Little lemon». Composition: lemon cream; light lemon mousse; special crunchy base; lemon jel.
  • Small individual cake (5 cm diameter) «Larousse». Composition: flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate mousse with cream cheese; raspberry jelly with raspberry liquor and pepper espelette; chocolate glaze, whipped vanilla ganache and chocolate elements for decoration.
  • Individual cake «Cookie». Composition: chocolate pate sablee; vanilla pastry cream; chocolate mousse cheesecake.
  • Individual cake «Talisman». Composition: lime pate sablee; pistachio sponge cake; black currant jelly, raspberry jelly, strawberry coulis, lemon courd and chocolate decorations.
  • Individual «Pomme d’Eve». Composition: coconut sable; chocolate ganache with passion fruit; sponge cake with pieces of apple; apple mousse; apple chutney.
  • Cookie caramel and chocolate. Composition: hazelnut pate sable; soft caramel with milk chocolate Caramel Lactee Cacao Barry; ganache with black tea. For decoration praline with dried apricote.
  • Tart «Chocolate ball». Composition: chocolate pate sucree; chocolate cream frangipane with bananas; bananas caramel; chocolate-caramel mousse.
  • Tartlets «Chocolate and caramel». Composition: almond pate sablee; baked chocolate cream; caramel cremeux.
  • Vanilla-caramel tea cake.
  • Mini tea cakes with chocolate Chantilly.

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