Two master-classes in Vladivostok


April 2016 – two demo master-classes in Vladivostok.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Yarilo” (Slavic God of the sun): coconut sponge cake “daquoise”; exotic mousse; coconut mousse; mango jelly and glacage with mango-passion fruit jelly.
  • Entremet “Speculoos Tiramisu”. Composition: coffee sponge cake; syrop with coffee-chocolate-creamy liquor; mousse tiramisu with pate “Speculoos”; pate “Speculoos” and chocolate ganache.
  • Entremet “Caramel pear”: devil’s food sponge; Hazelnut pate sablee; Spiced poached pears; Caramel and dark rum mousse; Caramel glaze.
  • Cake “Nougatine” (gluten free): chocolate nougat with pistachio; chocolate flourless sponge cake; chocolate jelly; chocolate mousse with tonka bean; mirror chocolate glaze and chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Lemon-lime”: pistachio sponge cake; light mousse with lemon-lime curd and white chocolate; coconut cremeux and baked lemon cream.
  • Individual cake “Phoenix Nest”. Composition: almond sponge cake; raspberry mousse with passion fruit; jelly with blackberry, black curants and Creme de cassis.
  • Individual cake “Elly”: almond pate sablee; chocolate flourless sponge cake; caramel mousse; caramel cremeux; brigadeiro.
  • Individual cake “Sherlock”: oat base with honey, nuts and dry fruits (without baking); hazelnut-oat sponge cake; blackberry-raspberyy cremeux; vanilla cremeux; mousse with oat porridge with vanilla.
  • Individual cake “Mulan”: Coconut-lime daquoise; mousse with pink peach with thyme; mousse lime-lemongrass; whipped jelly with lemon-lime-tea matcha
  • Macarons with banana caramel and balsamic gel.
  • Pate de fruit “Pear and jasmin”
  • Cookies Smily.
  • Tea cake with crumble and cherry.

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