Two master-classes in Germany


March 2017 – was 2 two days hands on master-classes in Germany at Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim.

Program of course:

  • Entremen “Moonlight Sonata”. Composition: “red velvet” sponge cake; cherry confit with tonka bean; lemon-lime mousse with white chocolate. Chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Latona”. Сomposition: almond crunch; almond daquoise sponge cake; almond “supreme”; apricot marmalade; jelly with passion fruit, pieces of apricot and mimosa aroma. Chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Green”. Сomposition: lime sponge cake with tea matcha; jelly with red currants and cherry; limonchello mousse.
  • Individual cake “Cookie”. Сomposition: chocolate pate sablee; vanilla pastry cream; chocolate mousse cheesecake.
  • Lemon cheesecake. Composition: Reconstituted pate sablee; baked lemon cheesecake; light mousse cheesecake with Lemonchello; whipped ganache.
  • Galette de rois with special Russian east dough and two fillings – lemon and pistachio cream frangipane.
  • Orange-chocolate tea cake with Grand Marnier
  • Kouglof
  • Chocolate-peanuts tea cake with soft chocolate caramel

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