Nina Tarasova’s original courses

Hands on master-class in Moscow

This master class was held on January 27-31, 2014, in Moscow at the VIP-Masters Cooking School.

I worked with two groups of students (morning and evening sessions) and for 5 days we prepared a large number of desserts – pies, cakes, macarons, fruit jelly, marshmellow, fruitcakes, fancy bread, tartes and tartlets.

Course program:

Entremets – complex cakes:

– «Dark Graf» is modernized French classics

– «Opera» is a cake created under the impression of  listening to the Ball of Vampire musical and Ivan Ozhogin’s bewitching voice. Ingredients: Joconde chocolate sponge cake, vanilla oil cream, cherry jelly with red wine and pink pepper, two types of glaze.

– «Five Spices»  is a very winterish, spicy, warming and creating home atmosphere cake. Ingredients: sponge cake with mulled white wine, orange сurd, spicy caramel pears, mousse with a mulled wine custard.

-RIO poleno is bright like the city of Rio de Janeiro! And its incredible taste! Red grapefruit, coconut, tropical fruit and green tea with jasmine. By making  it in a winter time we can plunge into colorful  summer at least for a little while! Ingredients: Joconde sponge cake, a cigarette three-colored sponge cake, tropical cr?meux, jelly with green jasmine tea, grapefruit mousse,  grapefruit fruit jelly and fresh citrus decoration.

–  «Candle» is a cake, which is made in small diameter pans of about 4cm to make it look like a slender graceful tower. It is decorated by two types of glaze – white and red, which trickle like wax melting because of the fire of  a raspberry or blackberry. Ingredients: Emmanuel sponge cake with black currant; blackcurrant compote, vanilla cream with mascarpone, two types of glaze, decoration and fresh berry.

– «Butterfly» cake. Ingredients: cranberry sponge cake, banana and cranberry cr?meux, peach and lime with rosemary jelly, mousse with white chocolate and mascarpone, chocolate decor.

– «Atlantis» cake. Ingredients: Joconde sponge cake with bilberry puree, caramel with pecan nuts, bilberry, caramel cream, bilberry glaze and macaron decor.


«Gateau de Voyage» is a kind of dessert that you can take along, when you travel or have a picnic. Their is no need to keep it in the fridge. And it won’t disform while carried. Mainly this dessert is represented by cupcakes, muffins,financier)

– Kuglof

– Pistachio cake with raspberry jelly

– Raspberry and cranberry cake

– Orange and chocolate cake

– Chocolate cake with caramelized bananas



-Tartlets with white wine custard and berry panna cotta

-Tart with red berries and peach and lime cr?meux

-Tartlets with pistachio frangipani and marmalade

-Tarts with cream caramel, nuts and dried cranberries