Master-class in Minsk, Belarus


In May 2015 was three days hands on master-class in Minsk, Belarus.

Program of course:

  • Individual cake: “Lord Vanilla”: vanilla chiffon sponge cake; vanilla cream-brulee; vanilla mousse with mascarpone; cherry jelly.
  • Mini individual cake “Rouge”: bisquit dacquoise with cranberries puree; soft cream caramel with red almonds; cranberries-raspberries cremeux with cream; lime mousse with natural yogurt; raspberries coulis for decorations.
  • Classic coffee Opera cake
  • Blueberry-lavender Opera: sponge cake “Joconde”; blueberry butter cream; lavender ganache with dark chocolate; blueberry glacage and macarons for decoration.
  • Entremet “Ceris”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake flourless; praline with milk chocolate, tonka bean and feuilletine; thin layer of dark chocolate and “fleur de sel”; cherry “griotte” jelly; chocolate mousse with tonka bean.
  • Individual cake “Japanese cherry”: japanese sponge cake; sour cherry jelly with bitter almonds; mousse with rosemary and white chocolate; cherry cremeux. Decoration with plastique chocolate.
  • Tart with red nuts
  • Tartlets “Gold dust”. Composition: linzer chocolate pate sable with cinnamon; exotic cremeux with pepper espelette; exotic soft caramel and chocolate ganache with estragon.
  • Tartlets with caramel and nuts
  • Chocolate bonbons

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