Master class with Emmanuel Hamon, Saint-Petersburg.

Master class with Emmanuel Hamon, Saint-Petersburg.

21 to 23 April 2014, was a three-day masterclass by French pastry chef Emmanuel Amon at the Culinary School in St. Petersburg.

 Course program


– «Berrycity»: Chocolate sponge cake “brownie” with milk chocolate mousse, raspberry and caramel cr?meux, chocolate sponge cake «success»

– «Mandarino»: Mandarin mousse, cr?meux “creme brulee” crunchy pralines, sponge cake «pain de gene» with hazelnuts.

– «Conquistador»: Chocolate mousse, banana, vanilla and caramel “compote” coffee cr?meux, chocolate sponge cake «pain de gene» witj Tonka beans.

– «Madeterranee»: Mousse with milk chocolate and praline, sponge cake «financier» with hazelnuts, orange cr?meux and crunchy praline with Tonka beans.


-Dark chocolate / red pepper and raspberry

– Apricot-lavender macaron

-Lime macaron with caramel cream and Tonka beans.

Verrine (desserts in glasses)

– «Swig»: «Speculoos» (a kind of biscuit) with crispy praline; Croquant Praline, poached bananas in rum, cream “creme brulee”, “brownie”

– «Summer delight»: cream with lime and white chocolate; Crumble of shortcrust pastry, raspberry coulis and fresh raspberries

Chocolate bonbon (Chocolates)

– «Pralline» Tonka beans

– «Pralline» with buckwheat

– Ganache with mango curry

-Ganache with fresh mint and Sichuan pepper

-Chocolates with salt caramel

Chocolate statue.

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