Master class with Diego Lozano, Saint-Petersburg.

Master-class with Diego Lozano

16 to 18 February 2015, was a three-day masterclass by Brazilian pastry chef Diego Lozano at the Culinary School №1 in St. Petersburg.

Program for course:


“CH”: Flourless chocolate biscuit, hazelnut crumble, dark chocolate cream, lemon gianduia cream, chocolate mousse.

“CH 14”: Chocolate biscuit, coconut crumble,  vanilla cream, exotic caramel, dark chocolate mousse.

“L.O.V.E”: Almond biscuit, almond crumble,  cherry confit, milk chocolate cherry mousse.

“Lilu”: Almond biscuit, almond crumble,  caramel cream, apple tatin, tonka beans mousse.

Small Cakes

“Cherry”: Orange biscuit, salty caramel cream, creamy caramel with cherry, Cointreau mousse.

“Figue”: Almond biscuit, dulce de leche cr?me br?l?e, figue compote, mascarpone mousse.

“Cupua?u”: P?te a lintzer, cupua?u almond cream, vanilla creamy mousse.

“Fusion”: Sable Breton, almond biscuit, strawberry and chilli compote, passion fruit mousse.

“RED”: Sable Breton reconstitu?, pistachio financier, strawberry and roses compote.

Bombons / Snack

“Cherry”: P?te sucr?e, hazenult lemon cream, lemon guimave, basil cake.

“Modern Brigadeir?o”: P?te sucr?e, brigadeirao, milk chocolate mousse, gru? tuilles.

“Macarons”: Fillings: coffee brigadeiro, popcorn, caj? ganache, priprioca ganache, pa?oca cream.

“BRUSSIA”: Brigadeiro with vodka filling.

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