Master-class in Weinheim, Germany

In March 2018 was three days hands on master-class in Weinheim , Germany at Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V. Bundesakademie des Bäckerhandwerks National German Bakers Academy.

Program of course:

  • Russian classic «Honey Cake» with modern style. Composition: Croquant almonds and honey; special biscuit Medovic; honey Cremeux; Light vanilla mousse; glacage, whipped ganache and microwave sponge cake for decorations.
  • Entremet “A la Russe”. Composition: linzer pate sablee; salted caramel; chocolate sponge cake; caramelized pieces of rye (Borodino bread with coriander) bread; caramelized crunberry; mousse supreme with Borodino bread.
  • Entremet “Dream Catcher”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake “Davil’s food cake”, light coconut mousse with litchi; dark chocolate mousse; cremeux raspberry with liquor Soho. Mirror glasage and chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet «Moonlight Sonata» (chocolate and caramel). Composition: hazelnut sponge cake with honey; stewed caramel apples; toffee; chocolate caramel mousse praline; mirror glasage.
  • Individual cake “Ostara”. Composition: sponge cake with dry apricots; melon-calamansi-curry cream; beetroot mousse with red currants and white chocolate Zephyr Cacao Barry.
  • Individual cake “Aztec Gold”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake “pain de genes”; chocolate crumble; exotic cream; dark and milk chocolate cream; chocolate bavarois mousse.
  • Individual cake “Gold Apricot”. Composition: Olive oil rosemary sponge cake; Apricot center with cumin (zira) and ginger; White chocolate mousse with rosemary; mirror glacage.
  • Individual cake “White forest”. Composition: lemon sponge cake; cherri confit; lemon mousse; meringue and macarons for decorations.
  • Individual cake “Kiev”. Composition: sponge cake daquoise itch nuts; soft salted caramel; caramelized hazelnuts and chocolate butter cream with cognac. For decoration – chocolate nest, gold caramelized nuts and glacage “gourmet”.
  • Brioche “Royal”. Composition: brioche dough, macaronade.
  • Salty brioche with cheese, olives and hamon.
  • Brioche with caramelized pearl, chocolate and caramel pastry cream.

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