Master-class in Vilnius 2016


February 2016 – three days demo master-class in Lithuania, Vilnius.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “A la Russe”: linzer pate sablee; salted caramel; chocolate sponge cake; caramelized pieces of rye (Borodino bread with coriander) bread; caramelized crunberry; mousse supreme with Borodino bread.
  • Entremet “Toile d’araignee”. Composition: base with reconstructed linzer pate sablee; almond-lemon sponge cake; sea buckthorn mousse; caramelized pear jelly.
  • Entremet “Vineyard”: black currants sponge cake daquoise; jelly with grapes, blackberry and blackberry liquor; mousse with persimmon and sage. Grape jelly for decoration and chocolate elements.
  • Individual cake “Flame”: lime-mint sponge cake; mousse with mango and passion fruit; cremeux with raspberry; mint jelly.
  • Entremet “Veil”. Composition: caramel sponge cake; pistachio croquant; exotic jelly with pieces of fruits and verbena; mousse with caramelized white chocolate. For decoration: caramel and fruits-berries jelly.
  • Entremen “Winder box”. Composition: The base:  Chocolate sponge cake; Cherry confit. The balls: Mousse with caramelized white chocolate and tonka beans; Jelly with caramelized and baked exotic fruits; Cherry glasage. All decorations made with chocolate.
  • Cake “Chicoute”: three nuts dacquoise; caramel mousse with maple syrup and cloudberry jelly. Decoration: caramel glaze; chocolate, cloudberry jelly, caramel and guimauve with almond milk.
  • Individual cake “Talisman”: lime pate sablee; pistachio sponge cake; black currant jelly, raspberry jelly, strawberry coulis, lemon courd and chocolate decorations.
  • Individual cake “Chartreuse”: pistachio croquant, soft pistachio caramel, chocolate cream “truffle” with goat cheese.
  • Chocolate bonbons with spicy ganache.
  • Chocolate bonbons with buckwheat.
  • Chocolate nougat.

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