Master-class in Odessa


April 2016 – three days demo master-class in Odessa, Ukraine.

Program of course:

  • Individual cake “Expression”: almond sponge cake; beetroot jelly with rose; raspberry jelly; mousse with estragon and beetroot chips for decoration.
  • Green Apple Opera Cake: sponge cake with tea matcha and apple chips; baked apple mousse with lemongrass; jelly with green apple, passion fruit and tea matcha.
  • Entremet “Curry”: sponge cake with curry; apple crumble; pineapple confit with coriander; pistachio mousse.
  • Entremet “Tapioca”. Composition: Reconstituted pate sablee; jelly with pieces of mango, pineapple and jasmine; light coconut mousse with tapioca.
  • Entremet “Freshness of chocolate”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake; coconut croquant; mint creamy jelly; chocolate mousse.
  • Entremet “Kiara”. Composition: caramel sponge cake; soft salted caramel; baked condensed milk mousse with dark rhum;  Pate a choux.
  • Individual cake “Passion of fruits”. Composition: coconut sponge cake “daquoise”; coconut cream with passion fruits; yoghurt mousse. For decorations coconut marshmallow with Malibu liquor and chocolate elements.
  • Tartlets chocolate, coconut, mandarin and pepper espelette.
  • Macarons lime-basil.
  • Carrot tea cake with poppy seeds.
  • Pate de fruid melon-mango-curry.
  • Chocolate bonbons with curry and coconut.

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