Master-class in Novosibirsk


At the end of September 2016 was my author’s hands on master-class in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Program of course:

  • Individual cake “Expression”: almond sponge cake; beetroot jelly with rose; raspberry jelly; mousse with estragon and beetroot chips for decoration.
  • Entremet “Blueblue”: chocolate pain de genes; almond praline; apricot and cherry jelly; passion fruit soft caramel; chocolate mousse (53,8% of cacao). Chocolate glaze and chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Black forest”: Composition: chocolate sponge cake “pain de genes”; chocolate crumble; cherry jelly “griotte”; coconut sponge cake with tonka bean; whipped mascarpone ganache with vanilla.
  • Entremet “Helga”: spicy sponge cake with pices of apple; mango-lime mousse; jelly with black currants and chokeberry. For decoration: whipped chocolate ganache with vanilla and lime.
  • Green Apple Opera Cake: sponge cake with tea matcha and apple chips; baked apple mousse with lemongrass; jelly with green apple, passion fruit and tea matcha.
  • Individual cake “Tiana”  (Disney’s cartoons “The Princess and the Frog”). Composition: lemon sponge cake; lemon pate sucre; lemon-avocado mousse; guacamole (avocado with lemon), strawberry jelly.
  • Individual cake “Caramel whirlwind”: chocolate sablee Breton; caramel with praline and dates; orange caramel; caramel mousse and caramel glacage.
  • Lemon cheesecake. Composition: Reconstituted pate sablee; baked lemon cheesecake; light mousse cheesecake with Lemonchello; whipped ganache.
  • Small individual cake (5 cm diameter) “Larousse”: flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate mousse with cream cheese; raspberry jelly with raspberry liquor and pepper espelette; chocolate glaze, whipped vanilla ganache and chocolate elements for decoration.
  • Individual cake “Vert”: sponge cake with tea matcha; mousse with ricotta; raspberry.
  • Tartlets “Rich fruits” eggless.
  • Tart “THE LION KING”: almond pate sablee; orange-spices pastry cream; baked Pineapple with banana-caramel-spices sause; exotic macarons (mango, carrot, orange, spices).
  • Caramel tea cake
  • Different taste of pate de fruits