Master-class in Nizhny Novgorod


In September 2017 was three days hands on master-class in Nizhny Novgorod.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Wreath”. Composition: biscuit with red berries; reconstructed shtreyzel; compote with red berries; mousse with red berries; mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Entremet “Flora”. Composition: crunchy base; yoghurt-laim cream; basil jelly; mousse with creen apple and lime.
  • Entremet: “Falling Leaves”: pistachio-lime sponge cake; red currants cremeux; mousse with baked apple and cidre.
  • Entremet “Toile d’araignee”. Composition: base with reconstructed linzer pate sablee; almond-lemon sponge cake; sea buckthorn mousse; caramelized pear jelly.
  • Individual cake “Snowy strawberry”. Composition: berry biscuit; jelly with balsamic vinegar and strawberries; Light strawberry cream; almond mousse; strawberry jelly.
  • Raspberry roll. Composition: japanese sponge cake; raspberry-passion fruit jelly; light cream with passion fruit.
  • Individual cake “Sacher” modern. Composition: Sacher sponge cake; ganache with dark chocolate and passion fruit; apricote compote; chocolate decoration.
  • Caramel tea cake
  • Marble vanilla-caramel tea cake
  • Apple tart with the cider
  • Apricot tart with pistachio frangipane.
  • Cookies

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