Master-class in Mexico


In june 2016 was my 5 days master-class in Mexico at Centro de Artes Culinarias Maricú.

Program of the course:

  • Blueberry-lavender Opera. Composition: sponge cake “Joconde”; blueberry butter cream; lavender ganache with dark chocolate; blueberry glacage and macarons for decoration.
  • Entremen “Moonlight Sonata”. Composition: “red velvet” sponge cake; cherry confit with tonka bean; lemon-lime mousse with white chocolate. Chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Speculoos Tiramisu”. Composition: coffee sponge cake; syrop with coffee-chocolate-creamy liquor; mousse tiramisu with pate “Speculoos”; pate “Speculoos” and chocolate ganache.
  • Cake “Caprese”. Composition: Sponge cake with basil and olive oil; caramelized in honey tomatoes; strawberry confit; mousse with basil, mozzarella and mascarpone.
  • Entremet “Black forest”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake “pain de genes”; chocolate crumble; cherry jelly “griotte”; coconut sponge cake with tonka bean; whipped mascarpone ganache with vanilla.
  • Individual cake “Sherlock”. Composition: oat base with honey, nuts and dry fruits (without baking); hazelnut-oat sponge cake; blackberry-raspberyy cremeux; vanilla cremeux; mousse with oat porridge with vanilla.
  • Individual cake “Caramel whirlwind”. Composition: chocolate sablee Breton; caramel with praline and dates; orange caramel; caramel mousse and caramel glacage.
  • Individual cake “Violet”. Composition: pistachio sponge cake; blackberry jelly; violet mousse with raspberry; mirror glacage and chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake “Black Forest”. Composition: baked chocolate meringue; vanilla-kirsh mousse; cherry confit.
  • Tart “Granny Smith”. Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; hazelnut pate sucree; chocolate cremeux with hazelnut; apple-orange compote with vanilla. For decoration: apple chips and whipped vanilla cream.
  • Lemon tartlets. Composition: lemon pate sucree; lemon baked cream; lemon curd; Italian merengue.
  • Profiteroles “Tiramisu”. Composition: pate a choux; coffee pastry cream with Baileys; whipped ganache with mascarpone and chocolate.
  • Petit Fours “Lemon-coconut”. Composition: coconut cookie; lemon-lime cream; yuzu coulis.
  • Honey-cranberry macarons.
  • Orange flourless tea cake.

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