Master-class in London


19-21 of July 2016 – was author’s “hands on” master-class in London.

Program of course:

  • Entremet «Cherry Pavlova». Composition: Lemon-lime meringue, Cherry coulis “Griotte”, Whipped ganache with mascarpone.
  • Entremet “Peppy”. Composition: Carrot cake with poopy  seeds; Sea buckthorn cream; Mango mousse with lemon curd; Mousse with passion fruit, lemon and lime; Crispy croquant.
  • Entremet “Taiga Forest”: sponge cake with dried cranberries and pine nuts; mousse with goat milk with honey, rosemary and taiga honey; jelly of pomegranate juice with wild rose.
  • Entremet “Black forest”: chocolate sponge cake “pain de genes”; chocolate crumble; cherry jelly “griotte”; coconit sponge cake with tonka bean; whipped mascarpone ganache with vanilla. Entremen “Moonlight Sonata”: Composition: “red velvet” sponge cake; cherry confit with tonka bean; lemon-lime mousse with white chocolate. Chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake “Violet”: pistachio sponge cake; blackberry jelly; violet mousse with raspberry; mirror glacage and chocolate decoration.
  • Individual cake “Harley”. Composition: almond sponge cake with apples and cognac raisins; almond croustillant with cocoa nibs; jelly lime-green apple; hazelnut milk jelly with rosemary and “caramelized” white chocolate; cognac-praline mousse.
  • Dessert “ZnS” (if somebody don’t know, it’s the chemical formula of the stone, which is called “zinc blende” or sphalerite, associated with the fact that it is very difficult to define this mineral). Composition: meringue sphere (8 cm diameter), ligh mousse with caramelized white chocolate and chicory; soft chocolate caramel with praline.
  • Tart “THE LION KING”: almond pate sablee; orange-spices pastry cream; baked Pineapple with banana-caramel-spices sause; exotic macarons (mango, carrot, orange, spices).
  • Pie “Tropics”. Composition: Lime-coconut sponge cake; Coconut daquoise; Confit mango-apricot.
  • Lime-basil tart with the strawberries.
  • Pumpkin tea cake with cream cheese.
  • Chocolate bonbons.

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