Master-class in France at Bellouet Conseil

At the Bellouet

At the November 2014 was first master-classe for Russian group at the Paris’s school Bellouet conseil.

At these master-classes, I was assistant, an interpreter and an organizer.

Program of course:

Individual cakes:

«Yoni»: sponge cake with tonka beens; crumble «speculoose»; raspberry confit and mosse«speculoose».

«Ichigo»: lime sponge cake; strawberry confit; vanilla mousse and crumble.

«Fjord Griottes»: chocolate sponge cake «Grand cru»; yoghurt mousse; confit griott; chocolate crumble; dark chocolate glaze.


«Sofa»: hazelnut dacquoise; streusel base; mousse with tonka beens; chantilly tonka beens cream.

«Pr?cieux Framboise»: chocolate sponge cake «Grand Cru»; raspberry cream; ganache«fondant»; chocolate mousse.

«Smith’»: hazelnut dacquoise; hazelnut cream with chocolate «Gianduja»; light hazelnut  mousse; cream with green apple.

«Mille Feuilles»: inverted puff pastry; sponge cake “Joconde”; strawberry jelly; cream mousseline.


«Fler de peche»: hazelnut pate sable; backed peach; peach flan; blanc manger with peach.

«Douceur de tarte»: walnut pate sable; cream with two nuts-walnuts praline dacquoise with walnuts coffee vream; coffee merengue.

«Tarte malina»: hazelnut pate sable; peanut caramel; sponge cake sans flour; cream with milk chocolate.


«Damier cake»: chocolate sponge cake «genoa»; orange sponge cake «genoa»; chocolate ganache and glaze «Опера».

Petit four:

«Orange small dome»


«Caramel lollipop»

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