Master-class «France-Russia» by Nina Tarasova and Nicolas Pierot

Master-class «France-Russia» by Nina Tarasova and Nicolas Pierot

On the 28, 29th of October 2013 Moscow hosted a unique joint master-class of two confectioners, two cultures, called “Russia-France”. On the one set in one class during three days vice champion of France Nicolas Pierot and I were holding a joint course where we were teaching a group of people and presented a big number of recipes and new techniques.

The first part. Nicolas Pierot and Russian classic in French style.

Medovic French chef was so impressed with classic base that has taken it and added a new version of cream and decorated the desert in the best traditions of French confectionary art. Ingredients: honey cakes, krokant with almonds and honey, honey cr?meux, vanilla cr?meux, white glaze.

Ptichye moloko Chef decided to create a brand new kind of light cake with air texture.

Kiev cake Following the classical knowledge in the field of confectionary skill you can add something new in a seemingly complete desert. Ingredients: «Dakuaz» with hazelnuts, caramelized hazelnuts, cr?meux with cognac, mirror glaze.

Poleno Despite the fact that this desert is well-known in Russia, in France, it is considered the main desert for Christmas.

Buche de Noel – French fairy tale comes true in Russia. Ingredients: Japanese Sponge cake, cherry jelly, light lime cream and chocolate shortcrust pastry

Surprise from Nicolas:

Two unique deserts created specially for this master-class.

Fusion Praline Orange. According to the ingredients that can be found in Russia we’ve made the “Orange Fusion” – walnut sponge cake, almond krokant, orange jelly, cr?meux “praline” with milk chocolate, orange cream, mousse “praline”, caramel glaze with milk chocolate.

Alliance – Sponge cake  “Sacher”, crunchy praline, strawberry jelly, chocolate cr?meux, milk chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze.

The second part. Nina Tarasova and French classic in Russian style.

“Opera” – the classic version of a coffee cake changes it’s colors on blueberry – Blueberry-lavander “Opera”. Ingredients: “Joconde” sponge cake, blueberry-lavender  «compote», lavender-chocolate ganache, butter blueberry cream, blueberry glaze.

“Choux Religieuse” a so-called “Nun” will become a “Russian nesting doll” – choux pastry, shortcrust pastry, light vanilla cream, red currant jelly, plastic chocolate.

Galette des rois, “Cake of Tsars”. The base – classical Russian dough of cake “Drowned” with pistachio frangipani and Russian nesting doll figurine.

Saint-Onore  We’ve got used to see this desert like this: puff pastry covered with shortcrust pastry, circle profiteroles in caramel and vanilla with light vanilla cream. The new version of Saint-Onore is a tartlet in the form of a tower similar to Ostankinskaya. Ingredients: shortcrust pastry, macaron sponge cake, nuts in caramel, caramel cream, chocolate wheels, butter cream.

Russian style macarons – cranberry-honey macarones with walnuts.

Also work with chocolate: tempering, chocolate decorations, plastic chocolate.

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