Master-class at Chocolate Academy Cacao Barry


March 2016 – hands on master-class in Moscow’s Chocolate Academy Cacao Barry.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Caramel pear”: devil’s food sponge; Hazelnut pate sablee; Spiced poached pears; Caramel and dark rum mousse; Caramel glaze.
  • Cake “Caprese”: Sponge cake with basil and olive oil; caramelized in honey tomatoes; strawberry confit; mousse with basil, mozzarella and mascarpone.
  • Baked Alaska (Omelette norvegienne) revisitee: Meringue demi sphere; vanilla mousse; raspberry-blackberry jelly; beacked italian meringue for decoration.
  • Individual cake “Phoenix Nest”. Composition: almond sponge cake; raspberry mousse with passion fruit; jelly with blackberry, black curants and Creme de cassis.
  • Individual cake “Egg”: hazelnut praline sponge cake; mousse with hazelnut praline and orange; cremeux mango-passion fruit-blood orange.
  • Individual cake “Dragon egg”. Composition: hazelnut praline sponge cake; chocolate mousse praline; lemon confit; grapefruit cremeux with passion fruit; chocolate jelly for decoration.
  • Tartlets “Cherry”.
  • Tartlets “Pears and vine”.
  • Tart Tatin: crumble with dry apple chips; almond cream frangipane; apples with caramel. For decoration apple chips.
  • Lemon tart.
  • Kouglof
  • Honey pie with hazelnuts.
  • Cookie “Smily”.

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