Master class by Nina Tarasova and Aleksander Kislitsyn

Master class by Nina Tarasova and Aleksander Kislitsyn

This master class was held on 16-18 June 2014 in Moscow at the VIP-Masters Cooking School. Double-program my and pastry chef Alexander Kislitsyna.

Course program:

Nina Tarasova:

– “Basilica” cake: Pistachio sponge cake, basil mousse, ganache with green apple and slices of apple, strawberry jelly with basil, decor

-“Velyute” cake: Chocolate banana sponge cake with cr?meux of milk chocolate, banana confit with passion fruit mousse with milk chocolate profiterole with whipped cream with milk chocolate.

-“Vert” cake: sponge cake with tea match, lemon soaking syrop, Soft cheese with lemon cream and frozen raspberries.

-“Caramelio” cake: Sponge cake with hazelnut praline, caramelized mousse with chicory, fruit jelly with passion.

-«Charlotte» with marshmallow: strawberry marshmallow, strawberry sponge cake, strawberry jelly, mousse with litchi.

-Maсarons: mint with strawberry jelly, mango and passion fruit.


-“Siberian freshness” cake: almond sponge cake with  roasted  chocolate, blackberry cr?meux, cr?meux with white chocolate, yogurt and cottage cheese, krustilan with almonds , mirror glaze.

– “Rivili” cake: Sponge cake with almonds (moelleux pur amande), almond  shtreyzel, apricot confit, Chantilly cream with vanilla and lemon.

-“Berry Meadow” cake: Japanese custard sponge cake, berry confit, vanilla cream.

– Embossed macarons: embossed macarons, strawberry filling with  light cream cheese.

-“Pistachio-Raspberry”cake: Chocolate Sponge cake with olive oil, pictachio souffle, raspberry confit, whipped ganache with cream cheese.

Also these three days were made chocolate decoration and chocolate statue (35kg).

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