Master-class in Kaliningrad


In November 2017 was three days hands on master-class in Kaliningrad.

Program of course:

  • Buche de noel “Drunk apple”. Composition: almond sponge cake “daquoise”; pate praline; panna cotta; creme praline with calvados; pastry cream praline with milk chocolate; apple “ministrone” with calvados for decoration.
  • Buche de noel “Russia II”. Composition: spicy almond sponge cake with apple and cognac; Viburnum jelly with pink champagne; spruce mousse.
  • Buche de Noel “Maya”. Composition: chocolate flourless sponge cake; mousse with caramelized pineapple, ginger and pepper; mousse of viburnum and honey; jelly with chokeberry; mousse with bitter chocolate Tanzanie 75% Cacao Barry and spicy cocktail of the Mayans; mousse with milk caramelized chocolate Cacao Barry. For decor: spicy short pastry and mirror glaze.
  • Individual cake “Aztec Gold”: chocolate sponge cake “pain de genes”; chocolate crumble; exotic cream; dark and milk chocolate cream; chocolate bavarois mousse.
  • Entremet “Dream Catcher”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake “Davil’s food cake”, light coconut mousse with litchi; dark chocolate mousse; cremeux raspberry with liquor Soho. Mirror glasage and chocolate decoration.
  • Cake “Caramel maelstrom”. Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; Nut-orange streusel; Orange cream; Caramel paste; Caramel cream with spices; Caramel mousse; glacage and spicy cookies for decoration.
  • Individual cake “Sacher” modern. Composition: Sacher sponge cake; ganache with dark chocolate and passion fruit; apricote compote; chocolate decoration.
  • Tart “Violet caviar” with 4 textures of blackberry: blackberry pate sablee; blackberry and black currants creme frangipane; blackberry flan with Creme De Cassis; blackberry caviar with Creme De Cassis.
  • Tart “Chocolate ball”. Composition: chocolate pate sucree; chocolate cream frangipane with bananas; bananas caramel; chocolate-caramel mousse.
  • Tart Tatin

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