Master-class in Kiev, Ukraine


In december 2017 was three days demo master-class in Kiev, Ukraine.

Program of Course:

  • Mini entremet “Makosh”. Composition: Japanese sponge cake; Cramble with almond petals; figs compote with red spiced wine; red berries mousse; light lemon-lime cream.
  • Entreme “Chocolate bavarois”. Composition: chocolate crumble; chocolate sponge cake; exotic cream; chocolate cream with milk and dark chocolate; chocolate mousse “bavarois”; mirror chocolate glacage.
  • Entremet “Nutcracker”. Composition: sable breton cacao; flourless sponge cake; caramel Mou with mix of nuts; chocolate praline mousse.
  • Buche de Noel “Maya”. Composition: chocolate flourless sponge cake; mousse with caramelized pineapple, ginger and pepper; mousse of viburnum and honey; jelly with chokeberry; mousse with bitter chocolate Tanzanie 75% Cacao Barry and spicy cocktail of the Mayans; mousse with milk caramelized chocolate Cacao Barry. For decor: spicy short pastry and mirror glaze.
  • Individual cake “Green pearl”. Composition: chocolate pate sablee; flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate praline; matcha creme brulee; orange marmalade with calamansi; dark chocolate mousse; glacage.
  • Individual cake “Les Temps de cerise”. Composition: almond crunch; almond daquoise; sour cherry coulis; almond bavaroise.
  • Tart Сoquelicot: almond pate sablee; raspberry cremeux with aroma poppy flower; strawberry confit; sponge cake Joconde.For decoration – raspberry jelly and sponge cake.
  • Tart “Chocolate ball”. Composition: chocolate pate sucree; chocolate cream frangipane with bananas; bananas caramel; chocolate-caramel mousse.
  • Pumplin teacake
  • Brownie

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