Hands on master-class in St.Petersburg


December 2016 – hands on master-class in St.Petersburg.

Program of course:

  • Buche de Noel “Bolo de rolo”: chocolate-orange bisquit without flour; orange-vanilla panna cotta; chocolate mousse with Tonka bean; tradition Brazilian dessert “bolo de rolo” with strawberry-passion fruit confiture.
  • Buche de noiel “Caramel and chocolate”. Composition: caramel sponge cake; mousse with caramelized white chocolate; caramel-chocolate cremeux; mousse with dark chocolate. Chocolate decorations.
  • Buche de noel “Drunk apple”. Composition: almond sponge cake “daquoise”; pate praline; panna cotta; creme praline with calvados; pastry cream praline with milk chocolate; apple “ministrone” with calvados for decoration.
  • Individual cake “The Ceris”: japanese sponge cake; cherry mousse; chocolate mousse with cherry; mousse with cherry tea.
  • Entreme “Chocolate bavarois”. Composition: chocolate crumble; chocolate sponge cake; exotic cream; chocolate cream with milk and dark chocolate; chocolate mousse “bavarois”; mirror chocolate glacage.
  • Entremet “Latona”. Composition: almond crunch; almond daquoise sponge cake; almond “supreme”; apricot marmalade; jelly with passion fruit, pieces of apricot and mimosa aroma. Chocolate decoration.
  • Cake “Caramelio”: hazelnut sponge cake praline; caramel mousse with chicory; passion fruit jelly. Decoration: caramel glaze; chocolate, passion fruit jelly, caramel and guimauve.
  • Tartlets St. Honore with black currants macarons.
  • Tartlets coconut-lime
  • Molding chocolate bonbons with banana ganache
  • Chocolate bonbons with raspberry ganache and crunberry pate de fruits.
  • Tart Сoquelicot: almond pate sablee; raspberry cremeux with aroma poppy flower; strawberry confit; sponge cake Joconde.For decoration – raspberry jelly and sponge cake.

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