Hands on master-class in Petersburg


November 2016 was hands on master-class in St. Petersburg.

Program of course:

  • Buche de Noel “Cofee”: cofee sponge cake; coffee cremeux with creamy coffee liquor with dark chocolate; milk chocolate mousse; coffee mousse.
  • Buche “Rio” – exotique cremeux, le the au jasmin et thym gelee, mousse au pamplemousse, сoconut dacquoise et biscuit “Joconde”.
  • Buche de noel “Сhristmas box”. Composition:
    The base:
    – Chocolate sponge cake;
    – Cherry confit
    The balls:
    – Mousse with caramelized white chocolate and tonka beans;
    – Jelly with caramelized and baked exotic fruits.
    – Cherry glasage
    All decorations made with chocolate.
  • Buche de Noel “Russia”: sponge cake “5 spices with quince; cranberry spiced jelly with red wine; baked quince and apple; vanilla mousse with special Russian product “baked milk”. Red mirrow glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Cake “Melody of red”: lemon cponge cake with Creme fraiche; mandarin-honey confit; coconut-honey layer; baking caramelized apricot-rosemary jelly; coconut mousse with cocoa butter. White mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Individual cake “V”. Composition: orange chiffon sponge cake; limon-lime-rosemary-pink pepper confit; yoghurt mousse with cream-cheese.
  • Individual cake “Harley”. Composition: almond sponge cake with apples and cognac raisins; almond croustillant with cocoa nibs; jelly lime-green apple; hazelnut milk jelly with rosemary and “caramelized” white chocolate; cognac-praline mousse.
  • Individual cake “Lilo” (Disney’s cartoon “Lilo & Stitch”). Composition: chocolate-praline sponge cake; mousse with pate de speculoos; jelly with baked pineapple with the caramel-banana sous. Decoration with cinnamon cookies and chocolate elements.
  • Tart “Granny Smith”. Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; hazelnut pate sucree; chocolate cremeux with hazelnut; apple-orange compote with vanilla. For decoration: apple chips and whipped vanilla cream.
  • Cookie
  • Chocolate bonbons
  • Pate de fruit
  • Work with chocolate

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