Hands on master-class in India


June 2017 was three days hands on master-class in India, Bangalore city at Lavonne Academy.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Flora”. Composition: crunchy base; yoghurt-laim cream; basil jelly; mousse with creen apple and lime.
  • Entremet “Jurate”. Composition: reconstituted pate sablee with white chocolate; sponge cake with champagne and sea buchtorn; cream cheese “cream brulee”; compote with sea buckthorn, tangerine and cape gooseberry; mousse cheesecake. For decoration chocolate elements and caviar from exotic-citrus compote.
  • Cake “Caprese”. Composition: Sponge cake with basil and olive oil; caramelized in honey tomatoes; strawberry confit; mousse with basil, mozzarella and mascarpone.
  • Entremet “Chocolate bavarois”. Composition: chocolate crumble; chocolate sponge cake; exotic cream; chocolate cream with milk and dark chocolate; chocolate mousse “bavarois”; mirror chocolate glacage.
  • Entremet “Nutcracker”. Composition: sable breton cacao; flourless sponge; caramel Mou with mix of nuts; chocolate praline mousse.
  • Individual cake “V”. Composition: orange chiffon sponge cake; limon-lime-rosemary-pink pepper confit; yoghurt mousse with cream-cheese.
  • Cake “Caramel Whirlpool”. Composition: hazelnut sponge cake; Nut-orange streusel; Orange cream; Caramel paste; Caramel cream with spices; Caramel mousse; glacage and spicy cookies for decoration.
  • Individual cake “Cookie”. Composition: chocolate pate sablee; vanilla pastry cream; chocolate mousse cheesecake.
  • Individual cake “Little lemon”. Composition: lemon cream; light lemon mousse; special crunchy base; lemon jel.
  • Tart with pistachio, apricot and rosemary.
  • Tartlets “Tubus”. Almond pate sablee; cremeux with backed apricot with rosemarin; coffee mousse; whipped coffe-milk chocolate cream; coconut-lime daquoise
  • Caramel tea cake

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