Hands on master-class in Tel Aviv


 May 2016 – three days hands on master-class in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Faire Tale”: white chocolate sponge cake; raspberry jelly; macarons; mousse with bell pepper; raspberry and parmesan.
  • Entremet “Lemon-lime”: pistachio sponge cake; light mousse with lemon-lime curd and white chocolate; coconut cremeux and baked lemon cream.
  • Entremet “Africa”: flourless chocolate sponge cake (three layers); chocolate mousse; orange and vanilla panna cotta; saffron mousse; neutral glaze.
  • Entremet “Velute”: chocolate-banana sponge cake; cremeux with milk chocolate; banana confit with passion fruit; pate choux with whipped milk chocolate ganache.
  • Entremet “Cepages”. Composition: base with reconstructed linzer pate sable and chocolate sponge cake; mousse with persimmon and Sage; jelly with grapes, blackberry and Creme de cassis; black currant sponge cake “daquoise”.
  • Green Apple Opera Cake: sponge cake with tea matcha and apple chips; baked apple mousse with lemongrass; jelly with green apple, passion fruit and tea matcha.
  • Individual cake “Sherlock”: oat base with honey, nuts and dry fruits (without baking); hazelnut-oat sponge cake; blackberry-raspberyy cremeux; vanilla cremeux; mousse with oat porridge with vanilla.
  • Individual cake “Passionata”. Composition: chocolate sponge cake; ganache with passion fruit; marmalade with mango and passion fruit; chocolate mirror glasage; chocolate whipped cream and jasmine tea truffles for decoration.
  • Plate dessert “Black forest”.
  • Tart Tatin: crumble with dry apple chips; almond cream frangipane; apples with caramel. For decoration apple chips.
  • Chocolate bonbons.
  • Chocolate tea cake with red vine.
  • Pistachio tea cake.
  • Orange gluten free tea cake.
  • Chocolate-apple gluten free tea cake.

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