Hands on master-class in Moscow


In May of 2016 was my hands on master-class in Moscow’s Chocolate Academy Cacao Barry.

Program of course:

  • “Fleur de rhubarbe”: sponge cake “Emmanuel” with red currants; jelly with rhubarb and red currants; ganache with hibiscus; mousse with rhubarb and hibiscus.
  • Entremet “Lemon-lime”: pistachio sponge cake; light mousse with lemon-lime curd and white chocolate; coconut cremeux and baked lemon cream.
  • Entremet “La Cerisaie”. Composition: reconstituted pistachio Sable Breton with cococnut; pistachio sponge cake; cherry confit; mousse coconut-passion fruit. For decoration – red mirrow glacage and pistachio cremeux with cherry confit.
  • “Marble” individual cake: cherry mousse; peach mousse; peach jelly; caramelized mousse with peach; caramelized sponge cake with white chocolate.
  • Entremet “Veil”. Composition: caramel sponge cake; pistachio croquant; exotic jelly with pieces of fruits and verbena; mousse with caramelized white chocolate. For decoration: caramel and fruits-berries jelly.
  • Individual cake “Elania”. Composition: coconut daquoise; exotic mousse with citrus fruits; light strawberry mousse; wipped vanilla ganache with mascarpone and strawberry jelly for decorations.
  • “Black and white” individual cake.
    – Dark part: spong cake “Davil’s food cake” with dark chocolate; chocolate mousse mousse “supreme”; chocolate hemisphere with liquid brigadeiro, pepper espeltt and sucre petillant.
    – White part: coconut sponge cake daquoise; mousse coconut-litchi; white hemisphere with coconut marmelade.
  • Tart with cinnamon and blackberry.
  • Nuts tartlets with caramel.
  • Strawberry tartlets.
  • Dessert “Zephyr and caramel”.
  • 100% Caramel tea cake.
  • Pistachio tea cake with raspberyy pate de fruit.

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