Hands on master-class in Moscow 2015

Nina in Moscow

This master class was held on January 12-16, 2014, in Moscow at the VIP-Masters Cooking School.

I worked with two groups of students (morning and evening sessions) and for 5 days we prepared a large number of desserts – entremets, individual cakes, macarons, fruit jelly, marshmellow, tartes and tartlets.

Program of course:


Individual cake «O&W» (orange&white) — sponge cake with white chocolate, mousse with caramelized white chocolate, cremeux with persimmon and ginger, jelly with mandarin.

Coffee entremet: chocolate sponge cake «Pain de genes»; crispy layer of praline; cremeux with Baileys; coffee mousse and milk chocolate glaze.

Individual cake “Love in cage”: dacquoise with raspberries puree; raspberries and exotic coulis; mousse with white chocolate, ginger, lime and mint.

Small individual cake (5 cm diameter) “Larousse”: flourless chocolate sponge cake; chocolate mousse with cream cheese; raspberry jelly with raspberry liquor and pepper espelette; chocolate glaze, whipped vanilla ganache and chocolate elements for decoration.

Individual cake “Talisman”: lime pate sablee; pistachio sponge cake; black currant jelly, raspberry jelly, strawberry coulis, lemon courd and chocolate decorations.

Entremet “Fairy tale”: sponge cake with white chocolate and creme fraiche; raspberry jelly; sponge cake “macarons; mousse with sweet red pepper and raspberry. Decoration with macarons and parmesan.

Individual cake “Fleur de rhubarbe”: sponge cake “Emmanuel” with red currants; jelly with rhubarb and red currants; ganache with hibiscus; mousse with rhubarb and hibiscus.

Marble entremet “Cherry-peach”: cherry mousse; peach mousse; peach jelly; caramelized mousse with peach; caramelized sponge cake with white chocolate.

Entremet “Clockwork orange”: sponge cake “Emmanuel” with cranberries; jelly with cranberries and rose; orange-grapefruit mousse; orange “tuiles aux amandes” for decoration.

Gateau de voyages:


Praline with spicy caramel

Gateau with vine pear


Tartlets “Nest”: almond pate sucree with cannelle and muscovado; honey cremeux with caramelizwd white chocolate; pate choux with Croustillant sable; whipped camomile ganache and chocolate decorations.

Strawberry tartlets with whipped white chocolate ganache

Tartlets with caramelized white chocolate: sable breton; cremeux with caramelized white chocolate; raspberry coulis with anis.

Raspberry tart


Chocolate macarons with spicy chocolate ganache and orange confit.

Macarons “Pear and parmesan”

Macarons raspberry-anis


Guimaves, zefir, pate de fruit, chocolate decoration.

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