Forum Gastronomic Barcelona


24 of October at Fòrum Gastronòmic Barcelona I made my workshop and represent to big auditory my passion, experience and wonderful dessert with molecular cusine elements:

Vegeterian dessert, and not a gram of white sugar.

-Stewed pear at a low temperature during 8 hours in a spicy wine and honey syrup, in which cubes of pear and beet, caramelized in honey with cranberries and ginger.
Decorative elements:
– Steved beet in a syrup with lime honey, raspberries, cranberries, vanilla, anise, basil, thyme and faint scent of violets
-the same syrup is used for the dessert serving.
– For the decoration and flavor contrast – mushrooms, roasted and caramelized in honey and syrup from the beets.
– To give a “Russian” contrast – molecular snow of olive oil.
A single gram throughout the dessert “white” sugar.

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