“Demo” master-class in Sofia, Bulgaria


14-16 of November 2016 was demo master-class in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Program of course:

  • Green Apple Opera Cake: sponge cake with tea matcha and apple chips; baked apple mousse with lemongrass; jelly with green apple, passion fruit and tea matcha.
  • Entremet “Cofee”: cofee sponge cake; coffee cremeux with creamy coffee liquor with white chocolate; coffee mousse.
  • Cake “Melody of red”: lemon cponge cake with Creme fraiche; mandarin-honey confit; coconut-honey layer; baking caramelized apricot-rosemary jelly; coconut mousse with cocoa butter. White mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Entremet “La Cerisaie”. Composition: reconstituted pistachio Sable Breton with cococnut; pistachio sponge cake; cherry confit; mousse coconut-passion fruit. For decoration – red mirrow glacage and pistachio cremeux with cherry confit.
  • Cake “Caramelio”: hazelnut sponge cake praline; caramel mousse with chicory; passion fruit jelly. Decoration: caramel glaze; chocolate, passion fruit jelly, caramel and guimauve.
  • Individual cake “Kiev”. Composition: sponge cake daquoise itch nuts; soft salted caramel; caramelized hazelnuts and chocolate butter cream with cognac. For decoration – chocolate nest, gold caramelized nuts and glacage “gourmet”.
  • Carrot cake. Composition: carrot sponge cake; carrot-orange-cinnamon jelly; vanilla-cream cheese mousse; carrot-orange-curry-cardamon-pepper espelette pate de fruit for decoration.
  • Individual cake “Passion of fruits”. Composition: coconut sponge cake “daquoise”; coconut cream with passion fruits; yoghurt mousse. For decorations coconut marshmallow with Malibu liquor and chocolate elements.
  • Individual cake (snack) “Three nuts for Cinderella”: sablee Breton; crispy chocolate praline; guimauve (marshmallow) with passion fruit; pate choux with nuts praline cream.
  • Tartlets lime-coconut.
  • Tart lemon-caramel
  • Pate de fruit raspberry-anis

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