Demo master-class in India


Always the best of feelings in my heart when I coming again and again at this great place. Place – where people work with 100% respect to his students and to chefs, to people who really work and want to work in future. This philosophy of Chef Vinesh Johny similar for me. And I know, that his motivation and feelings so close to mine. That’s why I always work at my maximum of mine opportunities, that give to my students at the short time all, what I can.
Thanks to trusting, thanks for collaboration, thanks for support.

And big big hugs to all my students again and again – for your clean soul, for your wishes to be the best at your professional area and your life.
Be always truth, and live with your rules with clean heart and without lie to yourself.

Program of course:

  • Entremet “Peppy”. Composition: Carrot cake with poppy seeds; Sea buckthorn cream; Mango mousse with lemon curd; Mousse with passion fruit, lemon and lime; Crispy croquant.
  • Entremet “Velute”. Composition: chocolate-banana sponge cake; cremeux with milk chocolate; banana confit with passion fruit; pate choux with whipped milk chocolate ganache.
  • Entremet “Wreath”. Composition: biscuit with red berries; reconstructed shtreyzel; compote with red berries; mousse with red berries; mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Entremet “Latona”. Composition: almond crunch; almond daquoise sponge cake; almond “supreme”; apricot marmalade; jelly with passion fruit, pieces of apricot and mimosa aroma. Chocolate decoration.
  • Entremet “Mirage”. Composition: gluten free yoghurt sponge cake with granola; jelly with raspberry and pink champagne; jelly with caramel and dried apricots; mousse cheesecake.
  • Entremet “Eos”. Composition: lemon sponge cake with cream fraiche; whild strawberry jelly; yoghurt-sour cream mousse; shantilly.
  • Individual cake “Snowy strawberry”. Composition: berry biscuit; jelly with balsamic vinegar and strawberries; Light strawberry cream; almond mousse; strawberry jelly.
  • Citrus tart. Composition: Citrus streuzel, coconut dacquoise, white chocolate lemon whipped Ganache, citrus jelly, white chocolate decoration
  • Chocolate-caramel tea cake with soft chocolate caramel.
  • Tart “Pina Colada”. Composition: hazelnut pate sablee; cream frangipane; lime cremeux; pineapple with vanilla and lime; coconut mousse.
  • Tart with cinnamon and cherry. Comnposition: pate Linzer; cherry flan; cinnamon crumble; fresh berries; macarons
  • Molding bonbons “Fiery Heart” with a case of dark chocolate Saint-Domingue 70% Cacao Barry. Composition: delicate ganache with citrus and floral notes based on Bergamot tea and bitter chocolate Favorites Mi-Amere 58% Cacao Barry; Raspberry confit with pepper espelette.