Author’s master-class in Riga, Latvia

Master-class in Riga, Latvia

20-22 of July was my author’s master-class in Riga, Latvia. Demonstration course with elements of practice.



  • Individual cake “Caramel whirlwind”: chocolate sable breton; caramel with praline and dates; orange caramel; caramel mousse and caramel glasage.
  • Individual cake “April”: sable breton, soft mango-citrus caramel; light coconut mousse; orange jelly for decoration.
  • “Strawberry-basil” individual cake: pistachio sponge cake; green apple ganache with piece of apples; wild strawberries jelly with basil and basil mousse.
  • Individual cake “Mulan”: Coconut-lime daquoise; mousse with pink peach with thyme; mousse lime-lemongrass; whipped jelly with lemon-lime-tea matcha.
  • Cake 5 o’clock: pistachio sponge cake; Japanese sponge cake; cherry confit with chocolate; mousse with passion fruit.
  • Cake “Melody of red”: lemon cponge cake with Creme fraiche; mandarin-honey confit; coconut-honey layer; baking caramelized apricot-rosemary jelly; coconut mousse with cocoa butter. White mirror glaze and chocolate decorations.
  • Marble cake “Cherry-peach”: cherry mousse; peach mousse; peach jelly; caramelized mousse with peach; caramelized sponge cake with white chocolate.
  • Apple Opera with lemongrass and tea matcha.
  • Tartlets raspberry and mango: pate sucre; vanilla pastry cream; raspberry cremeux; mango cremeux; macarons.
  • Strawberry tart with macarons
  • Profiteroles with light vanilla cream and raspberry pate de fruit.

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