Authors master-class in Minsk, Belarus

Master-class in Minsk

This master class was held on February 9-11, 2015 in Minsk, Belarus.

Program of course:

Charlotte:  strawberry guimauves; strawberry sponge cake; strawberry jelly with mint; mousse with litchi.

Individual cake “Zefir and caramel”: Dessert with chocolate pate sucre; zefir (russian marshmallow with agar) and soft salted caramel.

Entremet “Exotic Fancy”: lime Crumble; Coconut Dacquoise; Roasted spicy pineapples with passion fruits; coconut mousse.

Winter cake “5 spice”: sponge cake with mulled wine; orange cream; caramelized spiced pears; orange mousse supreme (with part of sponge cake with mulled wine).

Cake “Nougatine” (gluten free): chocolate nougat with pistachio; chocolate flourless sponge cake; chocolate jelly; chocolate mousse with tonka bean; mirror chocolate glaze and chocolate decoration.

Entremet “Velute”: chocolate-banana sponge cake; cremeux with milk chocolate; banana confit with passion fruit; pate choux with whipped milk chocolate ganache.

Individual dessert “macarons” from my master-class in Minsk, Belarus: chocolate pate sucre revisit?; macarons; chocolate spicy cream and orange confit.

Tartlets “Tubus”: Almond pate sablee; cremeux with backed apricot with rosemarin; coffee mousse; whipped coffe-milk chocolate cream; coconut-lime daquoise

“Tarte au citron revisitee”: lemon pate sablee; lemon sponge cake; lemon-lime backed cream; lemon-lime curd; italian merengue and white chocolate for decoration.

Macarons mango-passion fruit

Coffee-chocolate macarons

Macarons raspberry-anis.

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