Author’s master-class in Brazil

My Brazilian students

This international master class was held on March 2015 in Brazil, Sao Paulo on the English language with translation to Portuguese.

Program of course:


Russian classic Honey Cake with modern style: special Biscuit Medovic; Croquant almonds and honey; honey Cr?meux; Light vanilla mousse; White vanilla mirror glaze, chocolate decoration and special sponge cake for decoration.

Blueberry-lavender Opera: sponge cake «Joconde»; syrup with blueberry and lavender; butter cream with blueberry; ganache with dark chocolate and lavender; glaze with blueberry, chocolate decorations and macarons.

Cake “Clockwork Orange”: sponge cake “Emmanuel” with cranberries; jelly with cranberries and rose; orange-grapefruit mousse; orange “tuiles aux amandes” for decoration.

“Kiev” cake: Hazelnut dacquoise; Caramelized hazelnuts; Butter cream with dark chocolate and cognac; Black mirror glaze.

Petit gateaux:

Honey Individual cake “Cubes”:  Croquant almonds and honey, caramelized-honed sponge cake; soft honey caramel; vanilla-honey cremeux, white chocolate mirror glaze.

Individual cake “Bazilika”: “Strawberry-basil” individual cake: pistachio sponge cake; green apple ganache with piece of apples; wild strawberries jelly with basil and basil mousse.

Individual cake “Bird’s milk” (classic Russian cake with new style): almond-lemon sponge cake; lemongrass syrup; special lemon mousse with agar-agar “Bird’s milk”; raspberry jelly; chocolate elements.

Tartes and gateaux:

Tartlets “Sain-Honore” modern version: Crunchy sabl? sucre, P?te ? choux, P?te sabl? for tartlettes, soft caramel with hazelnut; Chicory cream, Cr?me Monte, chocolate decorations.

Galette des rois “a la Russe”: special Russian east dought; pistachio cream franzhipan

Tartlets “Tubus”: Almond pate sablee; cremeux with backed apricot with rosemarin; coffee mousse; whipped coffee-milk chocolate cream; coconut-lime daquoise

Macarons and desserts:

– Macarons with honey and cranberry.

– Macarons with blueberry and lavender.

– Apple “zefir” (Russian marshmallow with agar-agar)

Dessert with “zefir”: chocolate pate sable; apple zefir; soft caramel, glaze “Opera” and apple chips.


Master-class was three days, “hands on” class with my demonstration.

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