Author’s master-class by Nina Tarasova in St.Petersburg

Author's master-class by Nina Tarasova

This master class was held on 2-4 of March 2015 in St.Petersburg for more than 30 students.

Program of this course:

Individual cake «Atlantida»: blueberry sponge cake “Joconde”; soft caramel with pecan nuts; blueberry and caramel mousse.

Medovic-cube: Croquant almonds and honey, caramelized-honed sponge cake; soft honey caramel; vanilla-honey cremeux, white chocolate mirror glaze.

Individual cake«Sacura»: japanese sponge cake; raspberry jelly; lemon curd; mousse with estragon and white chocolate. Caramel decoration.

Individual cake«Mulan»: Coconut-lime daquoise; mousse with pink peach with thyme; mousse lime-lemongrass; whipped jelly with lemon-lime-tea matcha.

Entremet “Lemon-lime”: pistachio sponge cake; light mousse with lemon-lime curd and white chocolate; coconut cremeux and baked lemon cream.

Entremet  «Mougins»: caramelized sponge cake with baked white chocolate; dark chocolate mousse with 5 spices; caramelized white chocolate mousse and lemon; persimmon jelly with ginger.

Entremet  «Red Velvet»: Caramel sponge cake with baked white chocolate; chokeberry russian marshmallow with agar-agar; whipped lemon-lime-mint jelly; mousse with milk chocolate and red currants.

Tartlets “Sain-Honore” modern version: Crunchy sable sucre, Pate a choux, Pate sable for tartlettes, soft caramel with hazelnut; Chicory cream, Creme Monte, chocolate decorations.


Cookie “Smily”

And macarons, guimauves, zefir and a lot of chocolate work.

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